We offer a variety of classes for children of 18 months and up; boys only hip-hop, teens and adults. Classes are taught everyday of the week, including weekends. Since ballet is the foundation for every type of dance, dancers must be enrolled in a ballet class to be eligible to attend any of the other dance classes. Please see our class schedule for additional information.

Typical classes start with warm-ups, and then continue with a classical ballet barre. The class then moves to the center floor for a port de bras or adagio, jumps and center floor combinations. Smaller children have "magic box" time and then change to tap shoes for class.

Ballet attire: Black leotard, pink ballet shoes, and ballet pink tights. 

Tap attire: Black leotard, ballet pink tights, and black tap shoes. 

Jazz/Hip Hop attire: Comfortable dancewear and jazz shoes. 

For all classes, hair must be pulled back from the face, preferably in a bun, ponytail or braid.

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We train our ballet dancers in a pure classical style using French terminology to develop clean lines, strong technique and a natural freedom of movement. A great deal of care is taken to train each dancer to use their muscles in a way that is both technically correct and safe for their body. 

Some aspects of training include: Barre exercises, center floor technique and combinations, adagio, jumps and turns. The benefits gained through practicing and performing ballet are invaluable throughout life. Strong tendons and muscles, excellent posture, graceful movement and an appreciation for music are just a few of these! 


Once a dancer has been training for several years, she is ready for pointe shoes. This depends on skill levels and strength of the dancer. Pointe is dancing on the tips of your toes with the aide of specialized shoes. Pointe work requires the student to use the muscles in her legs and feet to stand en pointe. Going en pointe is a big step and requires commitment on the part of the student.  We also offer additional advanced and invitation only pointe classes for our dancers. 


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Tap dancing is unique to all other types of dance as it is not only a form of movement, but also a creation of music in it self. The name was given to this dance as a result of the "Tapping" sound made when the small metal plates on the dancer's shoes touch a hard floor. All classes work on basic tap skills, progressing through tap steps, combinations and eventually dance. Tap is part of your child's regular class time ages 4 and up. We also offer advanced tap classes for our dancers.


All ballet students ages three and older are eligible to take jazz. Jazz classes are fun for all ages! Jazz dancers' strong and sharp movements are aided by ballet technique. Jazz is an exciting form of dance; full of rhythm, syncopation, passion, & life. 


All students ages four and older are eligible to take hip hop. Hip hop combines Jazz with the latest high energy street-style moves. This class is a fun and energetic form of self-expression and pop music expression.

In addition to our regular hip-hop classes, we also offer a 'boys only' hip-hop class. It's extremely fun, and the boys love it!


Lyrical dance combines ballet technique with softer movements. Dancer's will study structured technical exercises that condition the body for strength, coordination, flexibility, and control.

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