frequently asked questions

Below are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. For more information, please call the studio at 701.746.5973 or email us at 


tuition and fees

The dance year is divided into four quarters, eight lessons each. Tuition is due the first class of the quarter. There is a $5 per week fee for late payments, and a $25 fee for returned checks. The recital fee (one per family) is due in December.


We know we cannot expect children to attend every single class, however it is difficult to progress from week to week when students are frequently absent. Please call or let us know ahead of time when your child will be absent. We can try to arrange for another class time, but refunds are not available.

Tardiness is not acceptable. Classes start and end on time, so please be prompt when dropping off and picking up your children. We cannot be responsible for the supervision of children who are waiting for rides.

severe weather

In case of inclement weather, classes will be cancelled on a case by case basis. We no longer follow the public school cancellations, as often the weather has cleared up in time for evening classes. Cancellations will be announced by 1:00 PM sent in an email as well as announced on our website and Facebook page. Make-up classes are occasionally planned, particularly for the advanced classes as we near the recital. No refunds are given.


There is an area of the studio to buy and sell used ballet, tap and jazz shoes. We do not recommend wearing used ballet shoes, however used jazz and tap shoes is fine. We are not responsible for shoes left in the bins.

All dancers are expected to dress appropriately for each class. Our policy for dance-wear:

  • Ballet & Tap: black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes and black tap shoes

  • Jazz: comfortable dance-wear with black jazz shoes

  • Hip hop: comfortable dance-wear and socks or black jazz shoes

You may purchase clothes at dance-wear distributors. Please help your child learn how to put on their shoes before their first dance lesson.

class helpers

Younger classes have helpers that stand in front of the room and demonstrate the steps for the children to follow. This leaves us free to walk around and give more individual help. Helpers must be in the 5th grade or older. Please see Nancy for more information.

visitor days

Parents and family are not allowed to watch normal classes, as we find it is distracting for the dancers. There are three visiting days scheduled each year during the first weeks in November, February, and May. All parents and family are encouraged to come watch, however, if possible, leave younger siblings at home if they cannot watch quietly.


The recital is the third weekend in May at the Chester Fritz Auditorium on the UND campus. Dress rehearsal always is the Friday night prior to the main performance. Each class will have a specific rehearsal time on stage the week prior. The class rehearsals are the best time to get close for video and photos of your dancer. Standing up or walking to the front is not allowed during the dress rehearsal or recital. You must attend all rehearsals in order to participate in the recital.

There is no cost to attend the recital, so all friends and family are encouraged to come. This is a very special night for the dancers, so we expect our audience on their best behavior. Please refrain from excessive talking, using phones or tablets, or standing/walking during the dances. Remember – everyone onstage is important to someone in the audience!


Classes are held weekly from September through the recital in May. There are two breaks: the week of Thanksgiving and two weeks over Christmas. No other holidays are observed. View our calendar here.