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The 2020 recital will be Saturday, May 16 at 6pm, at the Chester Fritz Auditorium on the UND campus. Dress rehearsal is the Friday night prior to the main performance. There is no cost to attend the recital, so all friends and family are encouraged to come. This is a very special night for the dancers, so we expect our audience to be on their best behavior. Please refrain from excessive talking, using phones or tablets, or standing/walking during the dances. Remember – everyone onstage is important to someone in the audience!

Each class will have a specific rehearsal time on stage the week prior. The dancers will be in full costume and have several times to run through their dances on the stage. The rehearsals are the best time to get close for video and photos of your dancer as standing up or walking to the front is not allowed during the dress rehearsal or recital. You must attend all rehearsals in order to participate in the recital.

The photographer for our recital is Behl's Photography. After the rehearsal on stage is done, they will take a group photo of each class, as well as individual photos for those who are interested. They offer several package options that make wonderful keepsakes for your dancer. Photographs will be available for pick-up at Behl's in the summer. 

Dancers will be allowed to watch the dress rehearsal on Friday night. The children really enjoy watching all of the fun dances from the audience. During the recital, dancers are NOT allowed in the auditorium while in costume, so if you'd like to stay after your dancer is finished, they must change into street clothes.

Please be courteous to the Chester Fritz staff, and respect the beautiful facility that we are using. No gum, food, or drinks are allowed in the auditorium.

Please refrain from talking or yelling during the recital, particularly during the beautiful ballet, pointe, and lyrical dances. Our dancers have worked very hard to create a wonderful show and the audience wants to enjoy the mood of the dance without distracting cat-calling. However, several of the dances encourage clapping and yelling - we LOVE the hoots and hollers during the Can Can!