release me

here we are, at the doorstep of the recital - every thing we've worked for all year long. All the hours of stretching, sweating, and even bleeding will finally pay off when that curtain rises for the high-octane opening ballet dance (release me by agnes). 

unfortunately, this recital is extremely bittersweet. as excited as everyone is to show their hard work on stage, this is the first recital without jane, and that's hard. we struggled with how best to honor her, and decided on a slideshow of memories - accompanied in song by our own graduating senior, therese kulas - the image of which is already bringing tears to my eyes. 

and so, with a collective sigh we release you, jane, because you were always to big to hold. we love you, and thank you for all of your guidance and protection, and know that tonight you're onstage with us, taking your bow.